About Turbinado Sugar: The Basics

Turbinado sugar is a popular alternative to traditional white sugar for manufacturers who want a more "natural" sugar product. Because turbinado sugar is less refined than white table sugar it retains many of the nutrients found in sugar cane.

Turbinado sugar is sometimes known as "raw sugar" or "natural sugar." It features a larger crystal size than standard sugar and a golden brown color.

Due to the larger size of the sugar crystal, turbinado sugar has fewer calories per teaspoon than table sugar, and many people use it to minimize calorie co

Turbinado gets its name from the turbines that are used to manufacture sugar cane extracts and make the sugar. Similar to demerara sugar, turbinado is made r beets.

Uses of Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado is popularly offered in tea and coffee houses where it's distinct molasses flavor adds a rich dimension to brewed beverages; however, replacing stwith turbinado sugar in baked goods has become popular as well.

Turbinado is a moist sugar, which means that baked products can actually benefit from its use. Because of its moisture content it is advised that turbinado it should be stored in an airtight container.

Turbinado is also an excellent topping for cookies and other treats, since its rich flavor and distinctive crunch offer consumers a satisfying product.

Since it is made primarily from sugar cane, turbinado sugar is more expensive than standard sugar. Marketing and pricing for "raw sugar" and "natural sugar"e adjusted to maintain optimum cost/benefit ratios for food manufacturers.

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