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Freeze Thaw Starch

Freeze thaw starches modified food starches that have no undesirable texture changes when frozen and then thawed, hence the name "freeze thaw starches!"

This unique freeze-thaw ability (and stability) comes from being modified so that it has a highly stable viscosity that can tolerate prolonged, extended :
  • heating in different types of cooking environments (steaming, boiling, baking, frying, etc.)
  • cooling and freezing as an ingredient mixture for later use, including heating or re-heating, or as a finished product
There are many varieties of freeze-thaw stable starches we can provide you, including: corn starch, potato starch, rice starch, and tapioca starch.

Uses of Freeze-Thaw Starch

Freeze-thaw starches are used in frozen foods to help them retain their texture after thawing, and they're particularly effective in low-fat meat products like hot dogs and processed ham.

They are also useful in frozen pies, soups and sauces.

Freeze thaw starch are considered most useful anytime your food preparation, commercial kitchen, or food manufacturing plant needs to take a product (or a partially made ingredient along the way):
  • from the freezer and into manufacturing
  • from the stove or assembly line into the freezer for storge

Benefits of Freeze-Thaw Starch

Perhaps the best part about freeze-thaw stable starches are the flexibility they give you in manufacturing.

When you need to make things in large volumes and store them frozen for later use, freeze-thaw starches are a great choice. Unlike starch that doesn't have the ability to go from stove-to-freezer (or freezer-to-stove), you'll get numerous benefits from a freeze-thaw ready starch, including:

Freeze-Thaw Starch Benefits
Consistency Make larger batches means less variance from one manufacturing run to the next (and happier customers because of increased quality).
Efficiency Store frozen prepared (or partially prepared) foods can help significantly reduce labor costs.
Economy Get less waste and less variance in your manufacturing. Making larger batches means lower labor costs, less equipment, setup-and-teardown, and the ability to cut costs by ordering larger ingredient volumes at once.
Scale Prepare larger volumes at once knowing you can always re-heat your product--and getting the same result with less waste from inconsistent quality.

Order Freeze Thaw Starch

When you need to get a quote or place an order for your next delivery of freeze thaw starch, our ingredients specialists can help you get your delivery faster and for less. With eight warehouses positioned across the U.S., we can assure a speedy delivery of all your starch needs.

Contact us for details.

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