About Powdered Eggs: The Basics

Egg powders allow manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of eggs for cooking, baking, and other food preparation without the hassles of refrigeration, limited shelf life, or the costs of weight per volume.

That's not to mention the challenges of shipping--and storing--something as fragile as an egg!

Powdered eggs are fully dehydrated eggs that are dehydrated in a "spray dryer". (This is the same way milk is dehydrated.) The dehydrated egg can then be used without rehydration when baking or can even be rehydrated for other uses that require liquid eggs.

Egg powders are inexpensive, easy to ship, easy to store, and when properly sealed can last 5 to 10 years.

This makes powdered eggs very popular for food manufactures and distributors where eggs themselves just aren't cost effective, where storage space is limited, or where production demands may be uncertain.

Cooperative Purchases offers egg powders in shipments of a variety of types and sizes, easily distributed from our warehouses located around the United States.

Our inventory of powdered eggs includes: For the best prices on egg powders, and all other food ingredients and preservatives, call us for your next order.

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